Baelexach, the devourer has few followers. Those he has are either mad, deluded as to his true purpose, or simply desire the end of things. Baelexach has no true domain aside from the one he created for himself. He goes from world to world, devouring the magical force of it, and leaving behind a lifeless husk. In doing so he rampages through that worlds universe, shattering planets, destroying army's, and ripping apart anything that contains magic.

              Baelexach has only nine true followers. He has granted them immortality, and they travel from world to world, ensuring conditions are met to allow for his arrival, they are the only ones he spares when he does come. These nine are as old as Baelexach himself is, and a few are rumored to have even observed the god before he became what he is now.

              Baelexach is described as a great shadowy beast, taking the form of the strongest being he could find and devour in the world he entered. He has appeared as great demons, Tyrant Kings, Corrupted Avatars, and even as corrupted Eldritch Horrors.

              Baelexach is supposedly no more. Having been destroyed by The Immortal Queen Yasheira Rein and several other heroes during the birth of the new world.