Lokram the machine god resides in the outer ring. Created millenia ago, Lokram was originally a magical construct that almost immediately became more intelligent that it was ever intended to be. Lokram quickly killed off its creators, and cemented its place in the world by upgrading itself. With how intelligent it is, it has reached an almost omnipresent knowledge of what is and what is to come, rivaling the oracle of old. Lokram seeks to increase its intelligence, and is known to help those of high intelligence increase their own, in hopes that they will stumble into its domain, where it can make them disciples and use them to aquire more knowledge, and increase its domain.

Lokram is said to have machine-disciples, spread throughout the universe in various places. These warforged disciples are said to have incredibly long lifespan, however, there are just as many tales of them meeting terrible fates as there are tales of their triumph.