Nivalis is the god of winter, snow, and ice. Nivalis resides on a material plane, in a temple dedicated to him, surrounded by snowy tundra and mountains. Surrounded by legion of followers, whom he turned to stone until the time came when they would be unleashed into the world to take it for Nivalis, and turn it into a frozen wasteland. Many corrupt warriors pledge themselves to Nivalis, in hopes to gain his fortune and be granted abilities. In return however they give their souls and bodies to Nivalis. When they die their bodies turn to stone, and their souls remain trapped within the stone. Trapped for eons, waiting for Nivalis to unleash them upon the world around them.

Followers of Nivalis were recently been seen around the central continents, and according to rumors from several Urmeer, the city of Aerileth has fallen to them. However, In addition to these are rumors of a group of adventures that scaled the Black Mountain and drew out an aspect of Nivalis using an ascendant ritual. The rumor continues on to claim that they defeated this aspect, and sealed away the lich in it's own dimension.