“They come from the wilds, stalking like death. They are the harbingers - beware the servants, my son. Their spectral blades will slay you where you lay. They show no mercy when they have found their quarry; they are the epitome of the hunter. Their master, their creator, gave them a great will to destroy. The servitors are not to be crossed."
—Bella Fauwn, barkeep of the Mistress’ Whip

Eyes that flash in the night. Breath that rasps through the mist that seems to cling to their bodies. Servitors embody what most other races fear the most, their very presence is enough to cause the bravest men to piss themselves and run away. Servitors stalk their prey at night, very rarely allowing the sun to grace their skin, however this is not due to any physical aversion to the sun.

Servitors a created by either an angel or a demon for a sole purpose, known only to that entity. Servitors who were created by an angel, and have completed their purpose are usually allowed to live, wandering the world and adventuring until their memory banks are full. Servitors created by a demon are destroyed upon completing their task - unless they manage to break free of their master's control.

Servitors' heightened senses are employed by their creators, who will often possess them until their mission is complete. Very rarely is a Servitor's mind free of its creator until its task is complete, the exception being a Servitor who has been ordered to play the long game, and their creator hasn't the time to monitor every little action that the Servitor carries out or observes. Those created by demons are forced to witness terrible things, and commit the most violent atrocities in their master's name; this leads many of this childlike race to try and break their captivity from their demonic masters, though with such a heavy mix of logic and machinery with souls, such a thing is difficult at best.

Servitors are created with the maturity and body size of an adult, but they have the mind of an innocent child, and are very curious about the world. Many fear them, having come into contact only with those who were created and controlled by demons. The Servitors, who have completed their missions and were allowed to live within the world, wander throughout the wild places, learning everything that they can, taking on massive challenges, and meeting all sorts of people and creatures that they can. Their curiosity is the driving force - the purpose - of a race of individuals that has fulfilled their purpose. They find most refuge with the warforged, who are not entirely unlike them.