Tournaments, fighting rings, and brawls exist in every universe, any many shapes forms and sizes.However, For some, though, it isn’t enough to watch the common races fight each other. Elves, orcs, men… it’s all so pedestrian. Even wizard’s duels - where the powers of magic are wielded as weapons - can’t scratch the particular itch these individuals possess. They wish to see something truly unique. A sight that no mortal eye could behold without feeling the cracks grow in their rational minds. Sights that, according to whispers and rumors in fighting pits and battlefields across the world, can only be seen in the Crucible of Fire.

The Kryptaris Coalition are the only known organization to routinely attempt to participate in the crucible of fire, which occurs every 9 years. Rarely are their champions ever seen again. This is easily proven through Yasheira Rein's own accounts of the crucible, where she lost three of her companions over the crucible's nine hours.

Recently, talk of the Crucible has been more frequent, and there are claims that a spectator of the crucible has been seen in Arketh.