The Kraizoria Republic is an extensive country, spanning large stretches of land in the southeast. It rose from the ashes of the Caelian Republic after it fell, with its origin race the Caelians, when the world was reformed into its current state. It's far southeastern edge is up against the ocean, and beyond that is a long travel by airship to the Outer Ring.

The Kraizoria Republic is a fairly unmanaged mass of land, with its various cities, castles, and other large groups having representatives in a senate that has, so far, not managed to do much beyond create a small amount of defense for the republic. The Kraizoria Republic, despite not having any influence in the greater world, as politically unformed as it is, still manages to have one enemy. The Obscurian Empire, despite having lost its creating race, still maintains a strong presence in the northwest, although an incredibly large distance lies between the two, there have still managed to be small conflicts on occasions, usually involving far-travelling traders and adventures.