Home of the long extinct Obscurians, The Obscurian Empire is a small City, remnant of the old orbital Obscurus. The Empire is a dark and gloomy landscape, being far to the northwest, and many of its cities rake against the sky with sharp, darkly colored towers and tall buildings, much like the old moon-sized orbital the empire used to take up.

While the ancient war between Obscurians Caelians is long over with both races long dead, a large amount of hate remains for the Obscurian Empires counterpart to the southeast, The Kraizoria Republic. Despite having no history with the Obscurian Empire beyond the few, more long-lived, races inhabiting the area, many of the Obscurian Empire's noble families fuel much of the hate for the Republic. Whether this is entirely based on old grudges, or simply the desire to spread the absolute power the families hold is entirely up to speculation.

The Obscurian Empire has no ocean to the northwest, as it is placed right up against the edge of the plane, and while the Outer Ring is much too far out to be seen, many airships come and go from here.