The Outer Ring is a collection of rocks, outposts, and debris that has taken up place around the mortal plane. The Ring can be separated into nine different ‘rings’ that interlock yet move completely separate directions, trading material between themselves at random and creating what is almost a ‘current’ in the gigantic field. The Outer Ring is home to many outlaws, pirates, and facilities owned by minor factions as well as ancient and much more advanced ruins of the Caelians and Obscurians. The Outer Ring is the last of anything physical between many of the planes and the void.

Few have ever gone beyond the Outer Ring. There is nothing out there. Multiple expeditions have left, some have returned, but all that have reported on it say that there was nothing but a deep blackness as they sailed on. There is only one story of anything being ‘found’ beyond the Outer ring, and it is not pleasant. The aft half of a ship drifted into Erebus Terminal from outside of the ring. The majority of the crew was missing, but those that were found were in almost hysterical states, and the few that were still speaking coherently quickly disappeared from the outpost, along with several of the doctors assigned to them. This event occurred before the Great Abomination Baelexach threatened the world, and prompted its rebirth. During this event however, both sides of the great war, Obscurian and Caelian alike, outlawed travel beyond the ring, and despite this order no longer being in effect, no expeditions have gone beyond the ring since.