Urwaldkin appear to be a more land-based counterpart of the Urmeer. Urwaldkin appear to be plant based humanoids, previously native to the Coelian Sphere. They possess brown to green ‘skin’ which appears to be entirely plant matter. They have three fingers and one thumb, all of which are pointed almost like talons. They possess large sharp teeth much like Urmeer, and are entirely carnivorous, drawing all of the nutrients a plant would normally draw through its roots from eaten prey. They tend to hunt in packs and have numerous establishments, showing that they do in fact have a society, however due to their extreme hostility not much has been shed on its inner workings.

Recently there have been several sightings of Urwaldkin, all bearing strange cloaks and symbols. Leading many scholars to believe that there is reform going through the Urwaldkin society. Perhaps this has something to do with Yasheira Rein's many personal slaughter's of their kind during her youth?