Vezhan is the goddess of swords. Vezhan had a large following of warriors on both the Obscurian and Caelian sides before the birth of the new world. Her following has only grown since then, regardless of the great war's end. She is seen as a just god of combat, looking down on those who cheat, or prey on the weak. Her devotees train themselves to higher and greater challenges, and are usually among the most legendary stories of the Great War. Vezhan is known to grant boons to those that fight honorably, and assist them from time to time in conflicts where without her assistance, honor would not be maintained. She has many smaller temples across Coelus, Obscum, and Caelium.

              Vezhan is typically depicted as a feminine figure with long black hair, usually clad in heavy armor and wearing a helmet hiding all but her yellow glowing eyes. She is depicted using many types of weapon, shield, or bow. All of which bear her mark, and a set of ruins on them.

              Our group of intrepid adventurers have found one of her temples between the City of Karnstock, and the small town of Arketh.